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About Us

Remiqz has the most intelligent and dedicated team of professionals working with the latest, up-to-date technology to gain valuable insights regarding both club & player performance. Our goal is to help the decision making process within football clubs by offering objective input on the added value of their players.


Working with Remiqz allows clubs to maximize their sporting quality within the boundaries of their financial possibilities. We help clubs by collectively setting realistic goals for the first team, mapping the criteria the squad needs to satisfy in terms of both quantity and quality of the players, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current squad and defining the white spots. Using our application, clubs easily find suitable players and calculate the impact of recruiting any player on both the sporting and financial performance of the club.


Remiqz is proud to be partner of industry leaders such as Nextview, Hypercube and SAP S&E. Hypercube has established itself as the worldwide authority in the field of data analytics in sports economics. Our partnership with Nextview helps us develop our friendly-to-use intelligent SAP application. SAP S&E uses the SAP HANA Platform to calculate and simulate with high performance.


With our groundbreaking technology, we are one of the fastest growing forums for prediction and football notables in the business. Want to hop on board? Drop us your details by mail.


Physically, Remiqz is located on Willem Fenengastraat 4C in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Robert Slijk

Managing Director

Alexander Schram

Manager Data Science

Rosanne de Kruijf

Manager Marketing

Loek Gerrits

Data scientist

Ferry de Koning

Marketing & Sales

Wytse Ligtvoet

Marketing & Sales

Jorrit Visser

Graduate Intern

Thomas van Brunschot

Graduate Intern

Jos Verweij

Intern Football Data Analyst

Timon van Bruggen

Intern Marketing & Sales