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Remiqz has the most intelligent and dedicated team of professionals working with the latest, up-to-date technology to bring you predictions and commentary around player performance in the Dutch League. The team utilizes predictive intelligence to crunch numbers and find the latest statistics. Remiqz discovered and uses algorithm together with a personal Player score to show and highlight the effect this has on the European Club Index (ECI).

Our team creates original content at the source to avail the information from players, and teams that warrant your attention. The information posted on our site is first reviewed and checked against other sites of similar interests. Before posting, our quality department double checks the data and approves of it.

We have partners. Remiqz works in partnership with several developers and smart intelligence. Our partners include; The Next View, Hypercube, as well as SAP S&E. Hypercube’s involvement helps reduce the strain on us and shift the focus into working within possible deadlines and predicting highly essential player performance. As a consultancy firm, Hypercube develops sports rankings. Our partnership with The Next View helps develop Intelligent SAP applications for Big Data. SAP S& E uses the SAP HANA Platform to calculate and simulate with high performance. Hence our predictions can be trusted as those developed by leaders in the industry.

With our groundbreaking technology, we’re one of the fastest growing forums for prediction and football notables in the league. We also touch on groundbreaking transfer issues in and around Europe. The solid aim is to give information to teams, players and coaches about players worth looking into or reviewing.

Physically, Remiqz is located on Willem Fenengastraat 2B in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.



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