Edwin van der Sar

There is only one champion when it comes to clean sheets. Edwin van der Sar.

There are 24 goalkeepers with more than 50 matches in the Champions League. Who has the highest percentage of clean sheets?

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Remiqz - partner in football analysis

Running a football club is hard. One of the many difficulties faced by managers is the recruitment of new players. Not only is a conflict of interest bound to rise with the ever increasing number of parties involved in a transfer, assessing the added value of new employees is a multidimensional quest in any business. In the mean time, transfer sums have reached a level that leaves no room for errors.

Luckily, relevant football data is getting more widely available every day. The next step is to interpret all available data the right way. Remiqz offers clubs a platform to gain valuable insights from different sources and helps them to recruit the best possible players. Our goal is to help clubs make the right decision based on objective input in order to maximize their sporting quality within their own boundaries.

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Remiqz - how it works

The Approach

Fill in your name and the club you represent. We will get in contact with you to choose the type of free analysis you want. You can choose between a quick scan of your selection, a scouting report of one of your targets or a match analysis of your upcoming match.

Remiqz - how it works

The Analytics

Upon receiving your request, we work our magic. Our analytics department crunches the numbers and puts together the report. To show you the added value our analyses bring to your daily tasks, the report will be send to you within a week after your request.

Remiqz - how it works

The Assemblage

Remiqz pays you and your club a visit to present the analysis and demonstrate our application. During this meeting, we provide the full list of services we offer in order to make your work as professional as possible.

Tell me more, you caught my attention

Tell me more, you caught my attention

"With Remiqz​ on our side​ we have more insights in the potential of our own players and the players on the scouting list. The application and analysis gives us a new dimension about players and the composition of our selection, which enables us to make even better decisions and optimize our internal processes. By the end of the day it doesn't make my work easier, but more professional."

- Remco Oversier. NEC -