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Data usage among player agents

4 December 2018
Prior to the summer transfer window, many agencies contacted Remiqz to get more insight about their players and in particular to find out which clubs are most suitable as a next step in their career. As the preparations for the winter transfer window started, we asked Michael Jansen about his thoughts regarding the use of data as a player agent at Wasserman. Wasserman is one of the leader player agencies in Europe and has a very reliable and experienced reputation. Together with Wasserman, we develop new tools and algorithms that support decision making regarding the careers of the players and coaches under contract at Wasserman.

What role does data have in the life of an agent?

The role of data in the world of football is increasing a lot and data is starting to have an important role. The importance is two-folded, at first it gives us more in-depth knowledge about our players and second, the majority of clubs use similar data. Hence, at Wasserman we have an innovative approach regarding the use of data for our management.

Does the use of data make your work easier?

For Wasserman data support us in our daily work. It does not make my work easier, but it gives my work more quality. The reason is that data gives me new insights or a new perspective on different aspects of the football industry, and in particular players. Moreover, the insights from Remiqz substantiate whether or not the choice for a particular club is the right one.

How does Remiqz support you in your work?

I can approach Remiqz to see if my feelings match with the data, and on the other side when the data insights don’t match, we have valuable discussions. Furthermore, Remiqz enables me to get objective insights about players, clubs and trends in the football market.

Has data already been essential for a transfer of Wasserman?

At the moment, it is too soon for our company to conclude that data has an essential part in a transfer, but for most of our players, we have data insights from Remiqz. At the end of the day, data is one of the pillars on which we make our decisions. The preference of our clients, our years of experience and availability at clubs also taken into consideration.

How do you see the future of data analyses for players agents?

The new generation of players and agents are more interested in data and corresponding insights and conclusions. Therefore, data will be used more often in the decision-making process and it has a larger impact on the total football ecosystem. With excitement, we look forward to all new technologies that will be developed to support our work.

Which things would you like to get out of data in the future?

I would like to keep that for myself as we are still developing new things together with Remiqz.