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Dutch startup enables transparent and honest football transfer market

15 December 2016
What is the transfer value of a professional football player? The answer is determined both by a range of objective variables and the gut feeling of clubs or football agents. Remiqz, the new big data platform provided by the Amsterdam-based startup of the same name, reduces the influence of agents and gut feeling. The platform calculates the current market value of the more than 10,000 players in the leagues across Europe based on a vast range of available data. Remiqz consequently ensures a transparent and honest transfer market based on objective data.

Football leaks

‘Recent revelations published in numerous major newspapers once again prove that the world of football needs transparency, especially when it comes to determining an objective transfer price,’ says Robert Slijk, Managing Director of remiqz. ‘And that is exactly what we’re going to do. Our software helps football clubs make better investment decisions. The platform calculates the current market value and the future development of the value of players. We do this based on countless data points derived from a current total of more than 180,000 matches. What’s more, we have a wealth of own data, for example on how players’ salaries are developing per country. We combine all this information with data from numerous other sources. Examples include validated sports statistics, figures on transfer amounts, the salaries of individual players, the budgets of clubs and figures on the federations.’

By calculating the market value of players based on all these variables, Slijk expects the market to become much more transparent. Slijk: ‘This is also very favourable for small clubs. It will, after all, give them a much better picture of the current and future value of their top players.’


A clear view of the potential of football teams

The software not only calculates the market values. Slijk: ‘We can also provide insight into the consequences a transfer would have on the commercial potential of an entire team. After all, a transfer affects both the chances of winning a championship and the chances of a club winning matches in national and European competitions. This means clubs gain a clear view of the future at a glance. They can then use this information to substantiate their strategy with hard numbers.’

Slijk says the influence of agents will decrease as a result because remiqz provides insight into performance and transfer amounts. Slijk: ‘Everyone benefits from this. The players see their hard work on the field translate into a concrete market value. Clubs invest in a more targeted fashion in the most valuable players by combining their scouts’ expertise with data. And the supporters enjoy a more closely-knit and better balanced team that provides greater entertainment. Clubs can ensure that their investments end up where they should be.’


Design Thinking

The startup remiqz and the platform are the result of a profound collaboration between football-economic bureau and expert in sport statistics Hypercube, SAP Sport Technology partner The Next View and twelve European football clubs. The startup and platform of the same name are the result of a series of intensive design thinking sessions. These sessions focused on the question of how the world of football can be improved in a sustainable way.

Stefan Wagner, General Manager, SAP Sport & Entertainment Industry explains: “We welcome Remiqz to our ecosystem and are delighted that they have created an innovative big data platform for the football market based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. An important part of our strategy for the Sports & Entertainment industry is to provide our technology especially to smaller partners and start-ups, and enable them to quickly implement innovative ideas and realize their business models.”


Collaboration with top football clubs

PlayerQ, which is remiqz’s first app, is currently being developed further in collaboration with European clubs. Talks are also underway with potential investors in order to facilitate scaling up to the European market more quickly. Robert Slijk explains: ‘This is a European market and actually even a worldwide market. There is even interest from China because they want to develop a competition there and consequently need a transparent players market.’



Besides the actual demand for data-driven decision-making from clubs, the inspiration for remiqz came from the movie Moneyball, which is based on the non-fiction book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game in 2003. Moneyball is about true success of baseball’s Oakland Athletics. Billy Bean played by Brad Pitt, the team’s coach, drastically changed course as all his best players were being lured away. He gets help from the young economist Peter Brand who has statistically based ideas about how to use the players. The idea is simple: don’t buy back expensive players but bring in cheap, underrated players. The film received six Oscar nominations.


About Remiqz

Remiqz focuses on making information on many tens of thousands of players visible online and in real time. Remiqz is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About Hypercube

Hypercube consultancy develops sports rankings such as the Euro Club Index and the UEFA National Team Coefficient. Hypercube is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

About The Next View

The Next View is a SAP Partner based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands that develops smart applications in fields including Big Data, Process Mining and the Internet of Things. The Next View is also a partner of the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam that conceives creative and innovative solutions.

About SAP

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