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England to win friendly match against the Dutch

23 March 2018
Amsterdam - Remiqz, a Dutch company that delivers predictive football data and analysis to football clubs, has made a match analysis ahead of the friendly match against the Netherlands on Friday March 23rd in the Amsterdam Arena. The data show that the England team have the highest odds of winning: 55%. The chance of a draw is 30% en the chance that the Dutch squad wins is only 15%. This, despite of the fact the Dutch will have most possession of the ball and the number of shots on target will be almost the same.

Remiqz has made these predictions based on de so-called European Club Index en de European Player Index*, a proven ranking method of all European football clubs and players which RemIQz has developed together with Gracenote and Hypercube. This is remarkable, as numerous betting offices (by the time of writing this article) give the Netherlands the greatest chance of winning:

(Unibet –    NL:41%, D:28%, UK:31%)

(Remiqz –  NL:15%, D:30%, UK:55%)

Other highlights from the match analysis:

1. Both in the absolute top as across the entire selection, the England team has more quality than the Dutch team:

(numbers are averages of all players in the category).

2. The fact that England has qualified for the World Cup, as opposed to the Netherlands, is well explained by the fact that the England squad have put significantly more quality on the pitch for all matches in qualifying. The chance of qualifying for the World Cup was therefore many times higher than the Dutch team. This shows in the results (W8, D2, L0).

3. Both teams show highest player quality in the attack. Unfortunately for the Netherlands, this also means that the England attack is much stronger that the Dutch defense. De Vrij, Van Dijk and De Ligt will have to bring more than usual to avert the attacks. Also, the Dutch will have considerably more difficulties in creating chances.

4. The central midfielders are very well matched. Therefore the match will probably be won on the wings. It is likely that the Dutch wing backs will have a tough time against their English colleagues.

*For an explanation of the method used, please see

Want to see our the match analysis? See link below: