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Next level football data analytics: Remiqz & ChyronHego

1 March 2019
Since the start of the season, the Eredivisie CV and its eighteen clubs gather sports data on all matches collectively. All stadiums are equipped with ultra-modern cameras that register the movements of all the players and the ball, which are automatically converted into data by the TRACAB tracking system from ChyronHego. Every second, an average of 25 movements is captured of each player and the ball, which results in an average of 3.5 million data points per match.

The data opens a new world of possibilities in terms of football data analytics. Over the past six months, Remiqz has developed multiple analytics tools that help clubs translate the gargantuan dataset into valuable insights. We do so by converting the raw data that is produced by the TRACAB tracking system into an easily accessible dataset. Together with the clubs, whether it is the technical director, coaching staff, performance trainer or even the scouting team, we identify which questions they have and how we can answer them using the data.

For instance, the coaching staff might be interested in the shape of the team at a certain moment in the game. Since the data incorporates not only all the players on the pitch, but also the ball location, Remiqz is able to identify the team shape at any moment during a game. This way, we can analyze not only specific match situations, but also find patterns that enable the coaching staff to improve the team performance.