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Premier League round up: what the numbers tell us so far

12 October 2018
After eight match rounds in the Premier League, the first tentative conclusions can be made about the strengths and weaknesses of each of the clubs. With Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, three clubs are yet to be beaten, while Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have been able to stay close so far. Manchester United are struggling to find their form and find themselves sitting in a disappointing eight position, behind the likes of Bournemouth and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

If we look at the top of the table, we conclude that Manchester City has fielded the best players so far in terms of the Global Player Index (4531). The average is weighted for the number of minutes each player has been on the pitch, hence if a player has played every available minute so far, his GPI is weighted 100%, while a player that has come off the bench 50% of the minutes only weighs half. The Citizens are followed by Liverpool (4331), Chelsea (4218), Tottenham Hotspur (4141) and Manchester United (4135), while the numbers show that Unai Emery is doing a good job with the available resources at Arsenal (3812). However, The Gunners are not the biggest overachievers when comparing their league rank to the average GPI, with Burnley sitting in twelfth spot with the fourth lowest average (+5).

Furthermore, we can also analyse the difficulty of the schedule of each of the teams so far. The higher the average of the GPI of the opponents, the more difficult the schedule has been in the first eight match rounds. It shows that Newcastle United, sitting in nineteenth spot, do not have to panic yet, since their schedule has been the toughest of all clubs. It also puts the overperformance of Burnley into perspective, since no club has had an easier schedule than The Clarets. At the top of the table, The Reds have held of tougher opponents than the other undefeated clubs. Combining both the average playing strength and the difficulty of the schedule thus far, we conclude that Liverpool hold a slight edge over Manchester City and Chelsea.