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Remiqz: How do countries participating in the World Cup compare with clubs?

25 June 2018
It’s always hard to compare club football and international football. This is because there are certain differences when it comes to team tactics, managers and of course teamwork. However, using Remiqz’ unique EPI model, we can offer an insight into how strong the national teams participating in the Worldcup 2018 actually are based on the qualities of the players.

European Player Index

Remiqz’ developed a tool called EPI (European Player Index), which calculates every player’s value when it comes to winning matches. Argentina’s and FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi currently has the highest EPI in the world with 6599, before his Uruguayan teammate at FC Barcelona Luis Suárez (6013). Portugal’s and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo comes in third at 5790. If the qualities of all the players of a country are taken together and playing time is added in, one can calculate and compare the strength of teams at the World Cup with teams in club football.

Best clubs and countries according to Remiqz’ model

If all EPI’s are taken together, Spain is by far the strongest team at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Before the tournament, our model gave Spain a whopping 38.4% chance of featuring in the final and a 24% of winning the cup. If we compare this to club level, we see that they are of the same strength as FC Barcelona.

The second best team at the World Cup in Russia is Brazil. Our model gives them roughly the same score as Real Madrid. If we go further down the line, Argentina and France both get about the same score as Manchester City, which is the third strongest club in the world. Two relative outsiders for the title, Uruguay and Portugal, both get the same strength as Champions League semi-finalist AS Roma.

Worst countries participating in the World Cup 2018

Where there are winners, there are also losers. According to our calculations, the three worst teams at the World Cup our Tunisia, Saudi-Arabia and Panama. We can also give these clubs a corresponding club team, albeit lesser known clubs than the aforementioned Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

In terms of quality, Tunisia can be compared with Romanian FCSB. Saudi-Arabia is about as strong as Serie B champions Empoli. The absolute worst side at the World Cup is Panama, who are about as good as Xanthi, a Greek side that finished six in the Greek Premier League. It might not be a coincidence that these teams have played six games in Russia and still have zero points.

Helping football clubs to make objective decisions

Remiqz’ goal is to help the decision-making process within football clubs by offering objective input on the added value of their players. Working with Remiqz allows clubs to maximize their sporting quality within the boundaries of their financial possibilities. We help clubs by collectively setting realistic goals for the first team, mapping the criteria the squad needs to satisfy in terms of both quantity and quality of the players, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current squad and defining the white spots.