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Remiqz is live!

5 May 2017
On the 4th of May, different clubs were present at the launch of Remiqz. With a lot of energy and willingness to try out our online version, it was a moment the whole Remiqz-team was looking forward to. Our guests went home with a magazine, book, but most important our iPads for the pilot period.

The event took for a second time place at the Design Thinking Center, Amsterdam. One of the major benefits of this location is the inspiring atmosphere and creative tools that helped our guests to receive valuable feedback. From technical aspects to usability, and from historic developments to long-term visions, all kind of feedback was given.

With the latest version online and frequently used by our friend of the Userboard, new releases will come soon. We strive constantly to improve the usage of our application, and have a research & development team running to extend our models. Furthermore, our supplier Gracenote was present to discover the needs for country related match data. As a result, new countries and lower divisions within the current countries are provided.

New Release date

It is estimated that version2.0 will be released by the end of August. Several new features will be added, and most of the feedback is processed in the design and usability. On behalf of the whole Remiqz-team, we are looking forward to see you all again by this new release.