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Remiqz wins SAP HANA Award

19 May 2017
During the international conference of SAP in Orlando, the so-called SAPPHIRE, a global innovation award has gone to Remiqz. It is the recognition for disrupting the football market by adding simple to used, scientific validated tooling in decision making.
SAP HANA Ceremony


SAP HANA Innovation Award

Every year the most innovative applications on SAP HANA technology are awarded. This was the fourth year in which this prestige awards ceremony toke place, with over a 100 entries that made it to the final round. To distinguish the winners from all other entries, the following criteria were uses this year:

  • Human Empowerment.
  • Business and Social Value
  • Technical Impact

Based on these criteria, the total added value for the customers had to be highlighted. This can either be for the internal organization, interaction with customers and business partners, or the overall competitive landscape. For Remiqz, the main focus was on Human Empowerment and Business Value.


Recognition for Remiqz

According to the judges, the Remiqz solution scored high on all criteria. First of all, the predictive intelligence and football insights are seen as valuable for decision makers. In combination with the easy to use application, it empowers all different roles within a football club to search, scout and decide whether or not a player fits in the team. It has been pointed out that the visualization and low investment time to get used to the Remiqz application, gave the final edge on other entries.

Furthermore, the business value of Remiqz is according to the judges “undeniable”. It brings back the power and knowledge of the market back to those who makes the decisions. The application is a backbone for senior management to justify a contract renewal or transfer. In fact, the Remiqz tool reverse the burden of proof. In the end management has to make the decisions, and the whole staf need to perform in order to win games. But altogether, it gives the needed objective intelligence to outsmart the competitor.