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The Almere City FC Prediction Contest

1 September 2018
At the start of this season, Remiqz signed a three-year contract with Almere City FC. Our team will support Almere City FC with objective information in making all sorts of decisions, varying from the impact of potential transfers to general issues such as the optimal capacity of the YANMAR stadium. This makes Almere City FC the first fully data-driven professional football organization in the Netherlands.

Almere City FC & Remiqz

Remiqz supports all departments within Almere City FC. For instance, Remiqz assists manager Michele Santoni by translating event data into valuable insights to map his tactics. Besides that, Remiqz helps sporting director Robert Maaskant with his squad management. Based on data from the previous eleven seasons, Remiqz provides the criteria that are needed to reach the club’s sporting ambitions. Lastly, we provide general manager John Bes with insights regarding issues such as the potential of the club in terms of supporters and sponsorships.

The Almere City FC Prediction contest

In the last week of August, Almere City FC hosted the first edition is the Almere FC Prediction Contest between Remiqz and BigData Republic. Using state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques, we analyzed all First Division matches since 2008/2009 to predict the remaining matches of this season as accurately as possible.

Based on a Monte Carlo simulation, we predicted both the outcome of the first period and the final league ranking of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. Despite a difficult match schedule, Almere City FC had a 7% probability to win the first period beforehand. For the final league ranking, it follows that FC Twente is the favorite to become champion (24%), but much more important is that Almere City FC has a decent 33% chance of achieve their sporting goal (top-5).