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Why Remiqz?

“Collaborate over compete” is one of Remiqz’s key values. We want to be a partner in innovation and development, as opposed to just another data provider. We are constantly looking for innovations around the globe that can improve the quality of our services and your club’s performance.

5 good reasons to work with Remiqz:

1. We have developed a unique method to evaluate club and player performance.

We are regularly asked to assess individual player quality during a transfer process. The majority of competitors would only look at individual player statistics and tracking data. This is a bottom-up approach. We always start with a top-down approach by looking at overall team performance and results. Subsequently, we calculate the player’s individual contribution to this performance. Only then do we combine the outcome of our top-down analysis with different kinds of player tracking data, match event data or even social data. We compare the data to create the most valuable insights. Read more about our method.

Remiqz - Approach to football data


2. Our technology is the only one that includes salary models based on Machine Learning,

From the start, Remiqz has always been using financial data such as salaries and transfer values in its models, as one of the few football data companies in the market. Now, we have stepped it up and developed a new salary model for all players in Europe, based on a Machine Learning algorithm. Consequently, we are in a unique position to compare performance against budget, whether this is the club’s overall performance or the performance of a specific player. Plus, we can make predictions on the market value and salary of a specific player.


Estimated transfer values and player salaries


3. Remiqz is a platform, in which we can “plug-in” several data sources.

To reduce the overload of available data for senior management, we believe in reducing the complexity to only the intelligence that matters. Therefore Remiqz can provide you with a single holistic solution by plugging in many different data sources. These can be our own data, external data from other providers or the club’s own internal data sources.

Remiqz football player analysis

4. Remiqz is founded by well-known and trusted partners.

Hypercube is an authority in the field of data analytics in sports economics. Nextview helps us develop our easy-to-use SAP applications. SAP S&E uses the SAP HANA Platform to calculate and simulate with high performance. Read more about our partners.

5. It works!

We are proud of the recognition our company has received over time. Here is a list of some of our accomplishments:

  • Winner Futbolmetrix’ WorldCup Prediction Contest, Group Stage – 2018
  • Winner SAP HANA Innovation Award – 2017
  • Second most accurate prediction model Premier League – 2017/2018
  • Runner-up KPMG Global Innovation Challenger – 2017
  • Finalist Leader in Sports Event – 2017

Most importantly, however, this is what our clients have to say about us:

Jack Tuijp – FC Volendam

“We often use the Remiqz app. It is compact, easy to use and it gives a good overview of the market. The fact that the app is so accessible also ensures that we use it as much as possible. Moreover, the support for the app is well-organised. I have been in contact with several employees already and every time they helped me out really well.”


Remco Oversier – NEC

“With Remiqz on our side, we have more insights in the potential of our own players and the players on the scouting list. The application and analysis give us a new dimension about players and the composition of our selection, which enables us to make even better decisions and optimise our internal processes. At the end of the day, it doesn’t make my work easier, but it makes it more professional.”


Pieter de Waard – Telstar

“If I had to describe Remiqz, I would say that they are great fun to work with, they are frank and sincere in their opinions and they are really productive. I would recommend Remiqz to any colleague who could benefit from their insights.”


Michael Jansen – Wasserman

“The added value of Remiqz? They can give me new insights or a new perspective on things. Moreover, they can substantiate whether or not the choice for a particular club is the right one. My experience with Remiqz so far is positive. They are very professional. I would definitely recommend Remiqz to clubs, absolutely. Maybe even to players from time to time.”

With our innovative technology and unique perspective on collaboration, we are one of the fastest growing forums for football analytics in the business. Want to hop on board? Drop us your details by mail.